I'm Jenny Logullo.

MarkEter + Creative Writer turned 
Career COach.

Before there was a career coach, there was a ghost résumé  writer helping hundreds of job seekers craft a compelling marketing document.  


Before I launched my career coaching business, I was the go-to résumé expert among my family, circle of friends, and even colleagues from work. I partnered with growing professionals from all walks of life to help them highlight their achievements and work history. 

They landed the job with their new résumé, but when they wanted to go back into the job market, they struggled to make sense of their career and communicate their strengths. 

That's the thing. Doing the work offline for them didn't actually teach them the fundamental skills they needed in life. While I was pleased so many of my clients were happy with their new résumé, they still struggled to communicate their skills in front of a recruiter, pitch themselves for a promotion, and even explain what they did for a living to strangers...

It was clear my help assisted them in looking good on paper, but I knew I could do better. I had to help my clients build their communication skills. 


Fast forward to today, and I'm helping a growing crowd of early-to-mid career professionals take ownership of their career story. Your résumé is just one part of you telling your story. 

You have the experience, it's time to learn how to strategically pitch your former experiences and work, to help you secure a job that makes sense for your lifestyle and goals. 

That's why I created Résumé Power Hour, a self-paced course designed to help you unearth your skills and implement communications strategies throughout your career, so you're taking clear action in securing the right opportunity at a time that makes sense for you. 

There's written, verbal, non-verbal communication skills you should deploy in your career, so that you're being seen, heard, and recognize in today's evolving marketplace. 

What you think you need to run a successful job search:  A flashy résumé template. 
What actually helps you land the job: Communication skills and growing your self-awareness.